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We hit the estate sales and buy in our jewelry in large lots so we can pass the savings on to you.

Questions, ideas, or comments: contact@qualityvintagecostumejewelry.com.

Website News

12/2/20  We are now ‘officially’ open.  Everything is running smoothly and products get added frequently.   Be sure to check back weekly to see all of the new products that have been added.  Thank you for all of your feedback.  It was much appreciated.

11/18/20 I had to purchase my own server so my site would quit crashing!!  I’m going to quickly add more items so more items get listed.  I’ll circle around later and add better descriptions.  IF you have any questions, please email me.  I usually respond within a half hour.  🙂

10/28/20  We are having network issues!  I sincerely apologize as my network doesn’t like my websites.  They are working this issue.  Until then, I have to go find another provider to update anything on my site.  Aargh!!

10/14/20  Ok, I had some major website issues that are now fixed!  I needed to upgrade several times and do quite a bit of work behind the scenes.  I can re-start to add products which means I’m closer to being ready to start marketing (scary).  I am sorry for the inconvenience and I thank all those who let me know what was wrong.  🙂

9/14/20  I’m trying to get 100 products added quickly so some of the items may not have the greatest pictures or descriptions.  Once 100 items are added, I’ll go back over and modify those that need it.  If you need a better picture or description on any item(s), please let me know.

9/12/20  I’ve added a comment section below.  Feel free to talk to me.  🙂

9/7/20  I’ve been having major crashing issues so I upgraded my hosting service.  Come to find out that I have to upgrade yet again!  Aargh!  It will be upgraded by next Monday.  I’m so sorry about the delay but I’m on it.  🙂

8/23/2020  I’ve had my site live now for about two weeks.  I will keep you updated on my progress here.  You can find my ideas and plans right here.  I encourage you to contact me with anything you like to see on this site, any mistakes I’ve made and ideas for improvement.

I’m learning more and more about building a great website.  I knew it would take time but I didn’t know how involved it would be.  I need to make sure it is secure, easy to navigate and understand, and fast.  All of these elements have plugins which need to be learned so please ( I beg you) be patient with me while I discover, add and learn all these elements to my site.

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