Who Is Quality Vintage Costume Jewelry?

I got started with this crazy love affair about 30 years ago when my grandmother passed away and left me her jewelry.  She had a full Regency parure!  I was hooked!  Since then, I’ve been collecting and learning.  It’s a great hobby that I am passionate about. 

Since I have been collecting for so long, my collection is a little out of control.  I have to sell some of my items and for every ten items I sell, I can buy myself a new piece.

Find Victorian, Edwardian, Retro, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco Vintage Jewelry just to start with. 

On this website are my vintage items along with a few pieces from friends.  There may be a few artisan pieces too.    My goal is to sell great costume jewelry at a reasonable price.  Most prices are not written in stone.  Some can be negotiated.  If you see something you like but you think the price is a little too high, contact me and make an offer.  I will respond to all offers.

Please keep in mind that any vintage, antique, used or second jewelry piece may have some degree of visible wear or patina. This is considered quite normal and part of Vintage overall appeal and charm.

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