About Me

Who Is Quality Vintage Costume Jewelry?

I got started with this crazy love affair about 30 years ago when my grandmother passed away and left me her jewelry.  She had a full Regency parure!  I was hooked!  Since then, I’ve been collecting and learning.  It’s a great hobby that I am passionate about. 

Since I have been collecting for so long, my collection is a little out of control.  I have to sell some of my items and for every ten items I sell, I can buy myself a new piece.

On this website are my vintage items along with a few pieces from friends.  There may be a few artisan pieces too.    My goal is to sell great costume jewelry at a very reasonable price.  Most prices are not written in stone.  Some can be negotiated.  If you see something you like but you think the price is a little to high, contact me and make an offer.  I will respond to all offers.

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